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5 Ways Distributed AV Allows You Endless Outdoor Entertainment

Family of four enjoying a nice dinner outside in their backyard.

Refresh and Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces with High-Performance Distributed Audio and Video!

It’s a no-brainer that as the weather warms up, we tend to take our social gatherings outdoors. Whether you are the ultimate party host, often enjoy family movie nights, want to liven up your pool or patio, or are just looking to relax in peace while soaking in a little mother nature—there are many options to  expand the outdoor entertainment capabilities of your Vancouver, WA, home. If the thought of outdoor entertainment intrigues you, you're in the right place!

Garrett Integrated Systems can extend your current in-home entertainment solutions to your backyard space, including audio and video. Keep reading to learn how to bring your favorite movies, television, sports, music, and podcasts outside!

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What Is Distributed AV?

Before we explore how you can bring smart technology outdoors, let's first define distributed audio and video. This common smart home automation term refers to a system that allows the user (you) to distribute AV signals throughout their home to multiple areas, including the backyard. 

The Garrett Integrated Systems team will integrate your music and movies within your home network-based infrastructure, giving you centralized control from your smartphone or tablet. You can distribute your media sources from your device to wherever needed. Yes, they can go to more than one spot at the same time!

Bringing Your Media Outside

Whole-home audio and video are pretty cool, and when that extends to your outdoor living space, your home instantly becomes more fun. Your outside areas will see more traffic and use. Check out how you can bring your smart tech outside!

Outdoor Speakers

Music lovers, turn up the tunes! While your handheld Bluetooth speaker is certainly “cute,” imagine not having to charge your speaker or carry it around with you while on the move! Weatherproof speakers placed in your backyard—whether on your patio, deck, poolside, or nestled in your landscape lighting—allow you to play your chosen audio content while you do yard work or lounge in the sun. Enjoy your favorite playlists and podcasts, entertain, and host family and friends game nights at your outdoor table. Cheers to keeping the vibe alive, in every space—indoors or out!


Installing outdoor televisions and connecting them to your AV distribution system lets you watch the game and grill simultaneously while never missing your childs’ underwater handstand again! Talk about a multi-tasking win! With outdoor televisions comes the option to host warm-weather movie nights outside, adding to your entertaining abilities. You’ll find that you utilize your patio more often simply because your media can now come along. There’s just something about fresh air and sunshine that makes the ability to bring entertainment outdoors much more satisfying.

Wireless Streaming

Wireless technologies, such as the well-known Bluetooth, lets you transmit audio and video outside. Based on your Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly send music or video from your central hub to integrated outdoor speakers or visual displays. Wireless options provide plenty of flexibility and zero clutter or trip hazards from poorly placed wiring. 

Mobile Integration

You can easily leverage mobile device integration with distributed AV. Most systems offer mobile applications and remote control options that permit immediate access to your media. This is a convenient function that lets you stream to your outdoor AV right away. 


Finally, if you're hesitant to install an outdoor television, a projector is the perfect, non-permanent option. Projectors allow you to entertain without committing to changing the look of your space, as you can easily project onto a wall if you're not interested in hanging a screen. 

Take It Outside with Garrett Integrated Systems

Let the staff at Garrett Integrated Systems help you kick off your summer the right way. Contact us today for details concerning how we can turn your backyard into the ultimate summertime entertainment spot!

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