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3 Principles To Beautify Your Outdoors with Landscape Lighting

A luxurious bathroom with elegant lighting solutions.

Make your alfresco spaces more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable day and night!

With spring rapidly approaching in Ridgefield, WA, many homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces to prepare for fun days and nights under clear skies and fresh air. Landscape lighting is one of the best additions for boosting the comfort and beauty of your backyard entertainment areas. 

When done right, these solutions can truly transform your outdoor living spaces. For this reason, we recommend reaching out to the Garrett Integrated Systems team. We know the ins and outs of landscape lighting design and installations and have years of proven service. 

In this blog, we will explore a few principles our team always applies to ensure your landscape lighting is at its best—take a look!

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Adding depth to your landscape requires the strategic placement of different kinds of fixtures and lighting levels in order to create a three-dimensional visual effect. A space without this quality can look bland and uninviting, leaving many areas of your landscape in the dark. Our team will ensure your backyard or patio looks fun, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing by properly incorporating lighting solutions that illuminate the back, middle, and foreground areas.

Focal Points

If you have invested in a luxurious landscape design that incorporates exotic specimen trees, beautiful flowerbeds full of color, sophisticated stone walls, and elegant statuary or water features, there is no use in keeping them all hidden once the sun has set. Our lighting team will integrate the right fixtures that blend into your landscaping while highlighting these interesting décor elements. 

Other focal points to highlight may be entrances or gathering places. For these areas, adding proper lighting solutions will not only make your spaces more attractive but much safer as well. 

Balance & Symmetry

Just like in most aspects of life, the secret to beauty is having the ideal balance and symmetry in our living spaces. Our experts will design a landscape lighting layout that perfectly suits every area of your property, preserving symmetry when illuminating features such as bushes, fencing, or stonewalls. With the help of our talented professionals, extending your living spaces and making your home more inviting has never been so easy!

At Garrett Integrated Systems, we are deeply committed to helping you boost every area of your home. Are you ready to bring elegance, beauty, and luxury to your outdoor spaces through high-end landscape lighting? Reach out to our team right here to learn more about enhancing your home with the right light solutions!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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