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We’re Changing Seattle-Area Homes One Savant Control System at a Time

Savant touchscreen on a bedside table. The interface shows the Savant platform’s Home menu.

Discover the Powerful Home Automation Platform Making Technology Easier to Use

Living in a Savant-powered smart home transforms daily routines into effortless experiences. Picture adjusting the lighting, temperature, and media settings with a simple voice command, a button tap on your smartphone, or a prescheduled automation. 

Morning routines become smoother thanks to living spaces that help you prepare for the day ahead. Integrated security features offer peace of mind with real-time alerts and remote access, and energy-conscious technologies adapt to your lifestyle, reducing consumption and associated costs. 

This level of whole-home automation adds convenience and comfort and creates a home that anticipates and responds to your needs, all thanks to Savant control systems. Below, we answer a few questions our clients have asked us in the past and examine what’s possible with a professionally designed and installed smart home system.

What Makes a Home Entertainment Installer Great?

home theater room with blue chairs, a star ceiling, and a projector

Here’s What to Look for When Choosing an AV Installation Company

With rainy days nearly one-third of the year, Seattle is one of the best locations to hunker down inside, get cozy, and watch a movie from the comfort of home!

Consider spending time at home as an opportunity for a peaceful getaway from the outside world, so why not make it the ideal entertainment spot? An HTSA-certified home entertainment installer like Garrett Integrated Systems can handle every detail of your AV installation, whether it’s a system upgrade or you’re building a new setup from scratch. 

From bringing your favorite songs to any room with music distribution to creating an immersive home theater room to transport you directly into a riveting scene of a blockbuster film, we’re here for you.

Below, we discuss the benefits of working with a team like ours for all your AV and integrated technology needs. So keep reading!

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