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We’re Changing Seattle-Area Homes One Savant Control System at a Time

Savant touchscreen on a bedside table. The interface shows the Savant platform’s Home menu.

Discover the Powerful Home Automation Platform Making Technology Easier to Use

Living in a Savant-powered smart home transforms daily routines into effortless experiences. Picture adjusting the lighting, temperature, and media settings with a simple voice command, a button tap on your smartphone, or a prescheduled automation. 

Morning routines become smoother thanks to living spaces that help you prepare for the day ahead. Integrated security features offer peace of mind with real-time alerts and remote access, and energy-conscious technologies adapt to your lifestyle, reducing consumption and associated costs. 

This level of whole-home automation adds convenience and comfort and creates a home that anticipates and responds to your needs, all thanks to Savant control systems. Below, we answer a few questions our clients have asked us in the past and examine what’s possible with a professionally designed and installed smart home system.

How’s Your Home Network Setup Holding Up?

closeup view of hands typing on a laptop with an alert signal superimposed on the image

Learn How to Fix Common Networking Issues in Smart Homes

Enjoying a well-connected home should be a seamless experience, but too often, Boise-area homeowners grapple with less-than-ideal network performance. Slow internet speeds are a frequent sore point, causing more than just minor irritations. Imagine settling in for a movie night only to face constant buffering or trying to connect with colleagues over a video call when working from home, but it just won't stop lagging. These issues often stem from overloaded networks, subpar connections, or ISPs that don't quite deliver on their promises of high-speed access.

Adding to the dilemma are the erratic internet disruptions that come without warning. Intermittent connectivity disrupts streaming and browsing, and the experience can feel like a never-ending battle with modems, routers, and signal interference. These challenges underscore the importance of understanding and optimizing your home network setup.

In this article, we explore common networking issues and offer a few suggestions for keeping your smart home, and your life, running smoothly. Keep reading!

How Do You Save Energy with Lighting Control Systems?

iving room with hardwood floors and a bay window featuring a cushioned window seat and a comfortable armchair.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient with Smart Lighting 

Normally, lighting accounts for 15-25% of your energy bill, depending on your home's size and usage patterns. While it's not the biggest energy drain (that would be your HVAC at 40%), it's the area where it's easiest to reduce waste with a few lifestyle changes. For example, moving to LED bulbs could reduce your energy use by 50%.

That's where a lighting control system comes in. By providing intuitive and automated controls, you'll ensure you're only using lights when needed. Incorporating motorized shades to manage natural lighting will also cut down on HVAC costs. Check out some unique ways lighting control reduces the energy bills in your Portland, OR, home.

What Makes a Home Entertainment Installer Great?

home theater room with blue chairs, a star ceiling, and a projector

Here’s What to Look for When Choosing an AV Installation Company

With rainy days nearly one-third of the year, Seattle is one of the best locations to hunker down inside, get cozy, and watch a movie from the comfort of home!

Consider spending time at home as an opportunity for a peaceful getaway from the outside world, so why not make it the ideal entertainment spot? An HTSA-certified home entertainment installer like Garrett Integrated Systems can handle every detail of your AV installation, whether it’s a system upgrade or you’re building a new setup from scratch. 

From bringing your favorite songs to any room with music distribution to creating an immersive home theater room to transport you directly into a riveting scene of a blockbuster film, we’re here for you.

Below, we discuss the benefits of working with a team like ours for all your AV and integrated technology needs. So keep reading!

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