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3 Common Outdoor Speaker Mistakes to Avoid

An image of a modern outdoor patio featuring a dining area, ceiling fan, pool view, and an entertainment system with a mounted TV.

Your Guide to Perfect Outdoor Sound in Boise, ID 

Now is the perfect time to enhance your Boise backyard with the ideal outdoor speaker system. It's an important step towards turning your outdoor gatherings from good to unforgettable when the beautiful summer weather hits. At Garrett Integrated Systems, we're all too familiar with the excitement that bubbles up when you picture your next BBQ or chill evening under the stars, all set to the perfect soundtrack. 

But, oh, how quickly that excitement can turn into a head-scratcher or, worse, disappointment if the sound system doesn't hit the right notes. We've seen it happen—from systems that can't stand up to Boise's weather to setups that end up more complicated than a Sunday crossword. This guide's here to help you dodge those common hiccups, ensuring your leap into outdoor audio is smooth sailing and good vibes.

Elevate Home Design with Custom Window Treatments

Lutron shades partially closed on a window behind a dining table

Seattle Homebuilders Stand Out by Offering Personalized Automated Shading

The Seattle area offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication, and homeowners want one thing to make their properties stand out: personalization. Owners and new home builders alike are focusing on creating spaces that reflect individual styles and preferences, making every living space a true reflection of its inhabitants. 

One not-to-be-overlooked smart home solution that can add charm, convenience, and energy savings is automated custom window treatments. This fully customizable shading technology becomes an essential element in achieving the desired level of uniqueness and functionality Seattle residents want.

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Embracing the Future of Energy Storage Systems

Savant Power system in a garage with a white Tesla car.

Boise's Elite Homes Benefit from This Smart Home Solution

Smart, sustainable living solutions are the pinnacle of modern living. Among these, energy storage systems are emerging as a forward-thinking technological sophistication offering comfort, security, and environmental stewardship in Boise and beyond.

Below, we dive into why you may want to consider adding this quintessential energy management tool. 


What Is Home Lighting Automation?

white automated lighting keypad on a white brick wall.

The Role of Eco-Friendly Lighting in Portland Homes

Home lighting moves the body and soul. Of course, it brightens spaces so we can safely navigate from room to room, but it can also lift our spirits and set the desired ambiance for any occasion.

With home lighting automation, a Portland homeowner can improve their property's look and feel while committing to sustainability and green living. This ethos is deeply ingrained in the city's culture, and automated lighting solutions make significant strides toward energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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