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What Is Home Lighting Automation?

white automated lighting keypad on a white brick wall.

The Role of Eco-Friendly Lighting in Portland Homes

Home lighting moves the body and soul. Of course, it brightens spaces so we can safely navigate from room to room, but it can also lift our spirits and set the desired ambiance for any occasion.

With home lighting automation, a Portland homeowner can improve their property's look and feel while committing to sustainability and green living. This ethos is deeply ingrained in the city's culture, and automated lighting solutions make significant strides toward energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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What is Home Lighting Automation?

Automating a home’s lighting involves using advanced systems to control lighting fixtures. These systems can adjust settings based on various factors such as occupancy, time of day, and levels of natural light.

Imagine tapping a button on a customized wall keypad that matches your decor. In less than a second, illumination bathes the room to set the mood—bright, cool tones to energize you or dimmed orange hues to relax you

Or go a step further and incorporate lighting with other smart home devices like AV or motorized window treatments. Press the Movie Time button to fire up the projector and surround sound, lower shades, and dim the room lights to prepare for a fully immersive movie-watching experience!

The Environmental Benefits of Automated Lighting

Besides adding incredible convenience to daily life, lighting automation significantly reduces energy consumption, aligning seamlessly with Portland's environmental objectives.

By utilizing motion sensors, timers, dimmers, and daylight sensors, your home only utilizes energy when needed, contributing to a significant decrease in energy waste. LED bulbs also offer a longer lifespan and lower energy requirements compared to traditional lighting solutions.

Lighting is One Component of Energy Management

Automating interior lighting solutions becomes a cornerstone for broader energy management strategies within the home. These systems can be integrated with other smart home technologies, providing homeowners with comprehensive insights into their energy consumption. 

Through detailed energy usage analytics, empower yourself to make informed decisions that optimize your household's efficiency every day, during outages, or while you’re away from home.

Implementing Lighting Automation in Portland

A professional lighting design and integration team like Garrett Integrated Systems helps Portland-area residents bring the latest automation and control options to their properties. The process involves careful consideration of system components along with strategic implementation. 

And if you’re not sure about completely overhauling your home’s lighting, start with high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living room. From there, you can add additional rooms, devices, and functionalities as you wish. It's crucial to select systems that are compatible with existing smart home devices and capable of scaling to accommodate future technological advancements.


It’s time to embrace automated lighting and shine as a model of eco-conscious living. Contact our team here to get started on your lighting overhaul.

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